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Helping you find the perfect candidates.

Introducing Kandel, your AI co-pilot for finding the perfect candidate. Built specifically for recruiters and hiring managers.

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no need to switch

Seamless integration.

Kandel integrates into the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems, ensuring that you do not need to have the painful task of "switching" to us. You can enjoy the benefits of Kandel without disrupting your current workflows.

All we need is your API key.
Our team is happy to walk you through this process.
hiring managers

Reclaim hours of lost time.

Hiring managers can screen a pool of applicants in just minutes; triaging candidates that are best suited to the role. Now you can spend more time on parts of the process that require a human touch.

Our algorithm highlights candidates that are likely to be relevant.
Takes into account "unsctructured signals" in candidates profiles.
for all

Add more context.

Kandel generates comprehensive candidate reports at different stages. Our detailed insights empower you to make well-informed decisions, ensuring you select the right talent for your organisation.

No need to spend hours read through CVs and LinkedIn profiles.
Not everyone is on LinkedIn, we analyse dozens of data sources.

Your smart recruiter.

Using data from dozens of aggregated sources; easily source candidates for open roles with precision and streamline your outreach.

Scan the sea of online data in just a matter of seconds,
Our data sources are updated every month.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Which applicant tracking systems do you integrate with?
We integrate with the most popular ATS' this includes, Lever, Workday, Greenhouse, Workable, Smart Recruiters, Ashby, Teamtailor ,Taleo and more! If you do not see the name of your ATS here drop us a line and we will look into it for you!
Who can use Kandel?
Kandel is created for recruiters and hiring managers. If you are looking to make the perfect hire for yourself or a company you represent Kandel is for you - no matter how big or small.
What is your pricing information?
As we are currently in closed beta we are currently implementing custom pricing for our users based on the number of seats needed and estimated usage.
How big is your data source?
We currently use multiple data sources for over 792 million profiles from around the globe. We have more coverage for specific locations and are currently adding more data sources and candidate profiles from different regions.
What type of support will I get?
As one of our earliest users you'll receive dedicated support from a member of our team :)
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