Bond your culture and build deeper connections with co-workers playing fun games 
-No matter where they are.

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Why Kandel?

Kandel helps your organization build psychological safety, a sense of belonging, and trust through play.

Let teams learn about each other through play and fun

Discover what makes people in your team unique and what they genuinely value.

Relationships at work can feel transactional or distant. Playing Kandels' activities helps teams connect and bond!

Learn and cultivate the values your team shares 
Foster a sense of belonging and trust

Create new channels for your team to have fun, connect openly and explore each other's perspectives.

Build a culture that values all voices

Inspire meaningful interactions to help people build and maintain authentic relationships at work.

Make new hires feel welcome and included

Create an inclusive and welcoming environment from day one, making it easy and fun for them to get to know the team and culture.

Organizing powerful team activities has never been easier and faster!

Activity library 
Detailed reports

Diverse activities and rituals for different team moments, moods, and occasions.

Follow team progress, engagement, and participation with detailed reports.

Kandel provides you ready-to-join activities and tools, so you don't have to do the time-consuming work. - simply launch an activity, share the link with your team and enjoy!

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Adaptable content
Instant  activities

Launch activities in seconds and bring teams together to connect and have fun in 35 minutes or less

Activities that adapt to your team values and needs helping you create a culture you feel proud of.

Culture insights

Identify team values, levels of belongingness, trust, and closeness and encourage improvement.

Sharing stories, presenting, and video interactions are part of the experience.

Interactive video 
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 Tailored games to play at work and foster culture

Find diverse activities to help people in your organization see beyond the titles, hierarchies, or social labels and start building meaningful relationships.

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Teams are having fun

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